Dating Tips for Single Gay Dads

Dating can be a difficult territory to navigate, let alone as a single parent. There can also be special considerations for single gay dads.

There are many different situations for single parents, depending on where you live, who your ex is, how much time you get with your child or children, their ages. So these tips are meant to be pretty general reminders of what works in many but not all situations.

Back To The Basics

1.  Know Yourself:

  • What are your core values, interests, likes, and needs in life & in a relationship?
  • What’s your intention?  Is it having fun, sex, finding a co-parent, or having a short-term or longer-term relationship? Are you dating to have fun or to meet new people?

2.  Be Authentic:

  • While you want to put your best foot forward, also share who you are genuinely to see if it’s the right match.

3.  Be Upfront:

  • Share your particular situation, like how many kids you have, if there are other parent(s) involved.
  • However, do so without talking about your kids 24/7 in the beginning.
  • Be comfortable and confident about being a parent.

4.  Take Time:

  • Let yourself get to know this person over time…beyond any honeymoon phase.
  • Get to know this person before introducing or having them spend time with your child.

5.  Take Calculated Risks:

  • Let yourself get back into the game even if you’re uncomfortable at first.
  • Put yourself in more adult spaces and not just on-line. Even kid-friendly instead of kid-centric spaces are a good place to start.
  • As they say, you have to step “out on a limb to get to where most of the fruit is.”

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